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Name: Soh Yong-Jin (Su Yongren)
Why we chose this name: To remember the Lord's Boundless Mercy in our lives 
Birthday: 14 March 2006
Day 29
He's learning to look at things more intently already, and I think he's even trying to hit some items on the play gym!
Day 25
Just before bringing him to see the doctor at the polyclinic for jaundice review, we decided to take a family photo!
Thank God that his jaundice level dropped again. We were quite worried and read up quite abit on the different types of jaundice. But we remembered that we have committed our son to God in prayer, and we shall continue to trust in God for his health.
We also took his weight today: 4.6 kg!
Day 24
Daddy looking at baby, baby looking at daddy...
Day 22
Another sleeping posture that imitates the cartoon "xiao xing"'s favourite action hero: "dong gan cao ren!" The 2nd photo is a lovely closed up shot of him.
Day 21
After a good feeding, he just love to stretch and sleep!
Day 20
So cute! Trying to get him to smile with all the cheering, but he just looked at us with eyes that seem to say "what are these people doing???"
Day 19
Finally managed to capture one with a slight smile
Day 17
Having a good time patting the back, and trying out the infant rocker for the first time!
Day 16
Grandpa and grandma carrying little grandson!
Day 13
Day 10
A really close up photo of him. But he's really so small....
Day 9
Pat pat pat, its burbing time.
Day 8
Changing diapers and looking around with one eye.. and then both eyes.. so cute!
Day 7  
Going to cry!
Day 6  
Caught him yawning. So cute! First day he smiled too (with eyes closed and only for a split second). We couldn't capture it on camera. His jaundice level dropped to a safe level of 157 in the afternoon and we could bring him home!
Day 5  
Admitted into the hospital as his jaundice level was too high (266). It was a busy saturday sending him from polyclinic to hospital. We visited him again at night to feed and just adore him.
Day 4
A rare moment of peacefulness. He was crying most of the time!
Day 2

First time he opened both eyes! Only for a few seconds as the light was too glaring for his little eyes.
Day 1- The day the little one was borned 
No words can simply describe the wonderful and intensely heart-warming emotion on seeing our little one arriving into this world.
Name: Soh Yong-Jin (Su Yongren)
Why we chose this name: To remember the Lord's Boundless Mercy in our lives 
Birthday: 14 March 2006
Weight: 3.355 kg
Length: 51 cm
"Chubby chubby"

"One-eye bandit"

2008- Till 14 Apr 08 - 28/6/2008
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YR- Numbers 6 - 26/10/2007
YR- Numbers 1-5 - 26/10/2007
YR- Genesis - 26/10/2007
EB- 2007 (1st Half) - 26/10/2007
EB- 2006 and before - 26/10/2007
EF- 2006 - 26/10/2007
EF- 2005 and before - 26/10/2007
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