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Mingren in paradise


Our little soldier has fought the good fight - 14 Apr



Mingren was called home to the Lord on 14 April 2008 at 11:41pm.

My husband received a call from SGH, that Mingren's heartrate has dropped again this morning at 10:30am. We rushed down and spent the remaining hours with him. We again prayed and surrendered all to the Lord, clinging at His throne of grace once more that He will deliver Mingren one more time. Throughout the whole time even while his heart rate was low, his hands could grip mummy's finger and his feet could move when daddy stroked his leg. Finally towards the last part, he no longer had strength, his fingers and feet no longer moved. Mingren fought on all the way till 11:41pm.

As we reflected back on Mingren's life, God has indeed been his Deliverer and his Banner. He has heard all our pleas and prayer and answered according to His grace and mercy. Our Lord gave him victories over victories before calling him home:

1) His heart kept beating till the 28th week in the womb, when his heart should have stopped very early in the pregnancy. God did not withheld a single day from him when we prayed specifically that God may sustain him for 28 weeks and beyond.

(2) The delivery was a success despite his low birth weight of 370 g!

(3) He survived past the first crucial 48 hours of life.

(4) The procedure to insert a drainage in his abdomen was successful despite his small size and many risks. He tolerated the operation well.

(5) His first major operation to close his fetal heart vessel was a success despite the high risk involved. Again the Lord delivered him.

(6) His second major operation on his intestines to create a stoma. This was a higher risk operation and yet the Lord delivered him. The doctors were marvelled.

(7) The procedure to tap out fluid from the area near his lungs to ease his breathing. Again it was a success.

(8) He turned one month old!

(9) His first poo from the stoma!

(10) When his heart rate dropped on 13 Apr night, God delivered him and increase his heart rate back to a good heart rate of 130 (we believe due to reasons 11b)

(11a) His heart rate dropped on 14 Apr in the morning 10.30am. God sustained him and gave him strength for more than 12 hours even though his heart was beating as low as 40 b/min.

(11b) This allowed time for our family and friends to see him one last time. Daddy and mummy were also able to spend the whole day with him till he took his last breath and went home to the Lord.

Isn't the Lord gracious and merciful? Isn't He mighty and loving towards us all? The Lord God is indeed all the above. Again, before His throne of grace, we have found mercy and grace in the time of need. Praise Him!

Mingren, you have been a very good son. Daddy and mummy are very proud of you; you will always have a special place in our hearts. We can no longer take care of you now but we know that you are in the best possible Hands. Enjoy the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ and we will see you again!

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