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A new friend - 30 June 2007

Hi Sarah! She is just 2 and a half months old, and she
looks stronger than Yongren.. don't play play... 

New Turtle Toy: Push in the shapes to pop out the head! - 26 June 2007
Mummy opened a new toy for Yongren to play! The turtle hides his head in his shell until all the shapes have
been pressed in... then the head will POP out!

At the fullerton - 23 June 2007
Mummy and daddy went to the Fullerton area to wait for auntie Grace and uncle Chee Keong
to arrive. They were taking their wedding photographs that day and were early, so we walked
around and were pleasantly surprised to observe the National Day celebration rehearsal!
Planes flying, helicopter chopping by with the Singapore flag, lots of people around.
Yongren was very intriged by the water around the merlion!
After a while, we took a walk to the Victoria conert hall. Again, Yongren was drawn towards the water fountain.
Finally, the bride and groom have arrived together with their personal assistants for the day!
 These are mummy's very good friends from secondary school. 

Daddy and Mummy says goodbye - 7 June 2007
Daddy and mummy were on their way to the airport, and leaving Yongren behind!  
We were going to Taiwan for the Taipei Computex 2007, and also for a holiday. Obviously Yongren
looks oblivious to what was happening. Mummy carried Yongren one last time before we left.
At the Kwan's house
                    "Hear me!"                                               A Portrait                                                     Curiosity
                                                               Taken by photographer Chung Howe.

Caleb's birthday party! - 2 June 2007

It looks like Yongren is trying to communicate with Caleb. Conversation seems to be,
(photo 1) "you want to get onto the sofa?"
(photo 2) "I show you how. You put one leg up like this..."
(photo 3) "See, I'm on the sofa. Now you try!"
(photo 4) "You got up real fast. Hmm... what this thing on the sofa?"
(photo 5) "Eh.. where's the other boy? I think I better move off"
(photo 6) "This is fun!"

A fully packed day! - 31 May 2007
Early in the morning 7+ am
It was early in the morning when mummy and daddy woke up to prepare for the day! Daddy had to go to work at the IT show
and mummy was preparing to go for the FBFI at the Salvation Army. Yongren, being an early riser, also woke up early! But
he was obviously still tired with the big YAWN! haha!
After the morning programme, mummy's friends had a great korean lunch opposite beauty world. We proceeded to Uncle
Allan and Auntie Karen's place for board games. But mummy and Yongren were longing for an afternoon nap so we slept
the whole afternoon away! We woke up in the evening and mummy gave Yongren a refreshing bath.
Of course with 3 other boys, it was a hilarious sight when we tried to take a collective photo of the four of them together!
Yongren, being the youngest, was protesting when gor gor Jerome tried to hold him still. Haha!
Amazingly, the four boys sat properly at their seats without moving about. They kept themselves entertained though, like the two
barracudas at the right side of the table.
After dinner, we all proceeded back to the Salvation Army. Yongren kept himself fully occupied in the cry room with lots of toys and
interaction. He was fully spent by the time we reached home!

Wall Painting with the Girls' Brigade - 28 May 2007
It was Yongren's first attempt with such a big task! He took the brush and dab the wall (mummy was making sure that he
does not dab the wrong areas!). With mummy's guidance, he could do rather good strokes painting with the brush!
However, it just took a few minutes before he reached for the bucket of paint and got his fingers and hair painted! Mummy
had to carry him to the toilet immediately to wash his fingers and hair before the paint dried up!
After the "bath", Yongren got comfortable again with new clothes. He busied himself with the GB girls' water bottles and
tried to join them for drill too! The second photo showed his great balancing skills - he actually balanced the bottle upside
down! Another place of interest was the playground

Good news club with the Girls' Brigade - 26 May 2007
Mummy and Yongren went to support the GB girls as they prepare for the Good News Club
at the Bible Church! As mummy was asked to be a judge for the food prepared by the girls,
some of the girls took care of Yongren as mummy went about her work.
There's Hannah and Lynn with Yongren!

Dinner to celebrate Zhen Zu Fu and Uncle Lye Sheng's birthday! - 19 May 2007
His great-grandfather (zhen zu fu) and great-grandmother (zhen zu mu) still looking strong and healthy. Thank God for sustaining
their health thus far, and for providing his great-grandmother strength and energy ever since she suffered from a minor
stroke last year. She has lost weight and almost lost hope. But each time she sees her great-grandson, her face lights up! It is
such a blessing to observe the joy a little child can bring. 
2nd picture showed great-grandfather and uncle Lye Sheng blowing their birthday cake!

Talking about the joy a little child brings - look at the happy faces beaming from gong gong and popo !
Yongren was making funny faces in the third picture. Haha

A Saturday Outing to Popiah Party - 19 May 2007
Morning: Walking with daddy
With coordinated dressing, daddy and son held hands and walked from home to the car! What an achievement!
Afternoon: At the popiah party
Before everyone arrived, Yongren practised walking some more.
Yongren also tried playing with a little fountain, feeling the sensation of the water splashing upwards onto his
hands and then his feet! Nearby are his friends - Yong Hui and Yong En.
Having a good time with Uncle Alvin, Auntie Selfiana, Pastor Chris and Auntie Diana!

May Day Outing at East Coast Beach - 1 May 2007
The sky was pouring in the wee hours of the night and in the early morning. How wonderful God is to calm the rain!
It was our church outing that day at the East Coast Park. The weather was lovely - cooling, cloudy and cheery. We
were there for fellowship and fun!
At the beach, Yongren touched the East Coast sand. Mummy helped him stand facing the sea to enjoy the waves
coming up to his feet! He felt the sensation of the waters rushing up and looked rather brave for a while. After that
he became a little scared of the sea and refused to stand on the sand anymore. So he whined for daddy or mummy
to carry him so that he will stay clear of the sea and be at a safe height from the sand! Haha!
We'll try again next time.
Look what mummy and friends built!

Labour Day's Eve - 30 April 2007
Looking so happy and excited!                                 Hugging his favourite turtle.
Mummy and daddy had dinner with Auntie Grace, Uncle Chee Keong, Auntie Mad, Uncle Sebastian,
Auntie Cecilia and Uncle Alan! We went to Vivocity and had a jolly good time there! Yongren was so
happy to eat the steaming warm and fragrant bread. By coffee time, he was so tired he slept in daddy's
arms. Awww...

Yongren's friends in church
Faith, Claire and Yongren . Being "surrounded" by two sweet girls, no wonder Yongren looked so
happy and shy in the second photo.

Youths against Adults Soccer Game - 6 April 2007
(Josh & Yongren - don't they look alike?)
Mummy and Yongren went walking with Auntie Lai Moi in the linear park. We saw birds, dogs, cats, and lots of greenery.
It was a sunny, happy morning. We chanced upon a mini play area and Yongren wanted to try the crocodile (see picture).
At the meantime, the youth boys and the adult men were having a match. So who won??? The adults won! (Of course, with 
daddy scoring the winning goal)  While the men were playing, the ladies were sitting in the shade and happily played with
Yongren the moment they got their hands on him.  The aunties clip peanuts on his ear lobe (see picture) and his shirt. Haha!
In the last picture, Yongren was also demonstrating the ability to follow instructions when we asked him to pick up the peanut
and pass it to someone else. He was good! He has reached the age of instruction - hence the title for this section.  

Uncle Kim and Auntie Lishan's Wedding - 24 & 25 March 2007
It was Uncle Kim and Auntie Lishan's wedding! Although Yongren was not able to see the excitement of that
saturday morning, he made it for the church wedding in the afternoon! Daddy and mummy picked him up after
lunch to attend the church wedding.
Congratulations Mr and Mrs Kim Wai Guan! The Soh family are "SOH" happy for you.

Yongren's Birthday Party - 17 March 2007

Daddy and mummy decided to organise one big birthday party to celebrate Yongren's first birthday! We wanted to
do it to celebrate his first year of life, how the Lord has greatly blessed our family, how the Lord has given Yongren
loving and wonderful grandparents, how the Lord has given us so much joy in seeing him grow up. We wanted to
share this happy occasion with our family, our relatives and dear friends.
Great-grandmother (zhen zu mu) and great-grandfather (zhen zu fu).              Granduncle Lye
            Mummy's nanny on the left                                               Daddy's aunties and cousins
    Daddy's auntie                                  Jie jie Jing Ting                                    Auntie Rachel
Uncles Yaohe, Zhiqiang, Pui Shung                                      Aunties Ligin, Wendy and little Yong Hui
Aunties Angelyn and Anna
AKAB: Allan, Karen, Amadeus and Benaiah                               Uncle Kim's mother
Daddy's friends- Chee Heong & company                 Uncle Daniel, Pastor Chris, Auntie Diana and Auntie Joann
Auntie Diana and Pastor, and Auntie Lena with baby                      Auntie Karen with Benaiah
           Yong En               Gong gong                          Auntie Ivy and Uncle Fish
                   Auntie Angie and Mrs Yeo                               Auntie Leing and Uncle Eu-Jin
         Po po                                             Family shoot
Mummy and daddy even designed stickers to be given away as door gifts!

It's Yongren's First Birthday! - 14 March 2007
Yongren's actual birthday! He was born on 14 March 2006, and now it's his first birthday.
How time flies, and how he has grown in 1 year! We had a little celebration with our small
group, and Yongren was so happy and amused when everyone sang the Happy Birthday
song to him!
Thank God for our small group and their love showered on Yongren and my family. For
Audrie who visited, for Anna, Wendy, Zhi Qiang, Zegang and Allan (who is taking the photo).
Cos pictures are just not enough.
30 April 2007 - The first few steps alone!
28 April 2007 - Walking with new shoes (still with some help)
21 April 2007 - Happy walking round with daddy
16 April 2007 - Walking holding hands
 31 March 2007 - Climbing up stairs
9 March 2007 - Climbing down from the sofa

21 January 2007 - Yongren becoming proficient in crawling!

22 November 2006 - Yongren stands up successfully in his cot! 

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