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5th to 6th month photos

His new TOY - 28th August

It's his new TOY - Bouncing Baby Play Place from Safety 1st.
There are 10 different toys all around the saucer for him to play,
chew and encourage the development of his motor skills. He got
very busy on it and started grabbing and hitting the different toys!
Mummy let Yongren try it at Auntie Chwee Hong's place beforehand
and he loved it! Shortly after, gong gong bought it for him! (Wa...
so pampered). Well, mummy highly recommend this toy!

Peter & Gayle's Wedding Dinner - 26th August

It was Gayle and Peter's wedding dinner held at Chimes.
Yongren was dressed very smartly in his new outfit (only to
be covered by his bib!). Auntie Joann & Auntie Dawn happily
carried Yongren and showered their love and attention on him
... what a blessed boy! Mummy thinks he had a good time at
the dinner although he became a little cranky later in the night.

Auntie Grace & Madelene's birthday celebration - 26th August


Auntie Rachel's birthday celebration - 20th August

Aaahhhhh... so much attention showered on Yongren again!
We celebrated Auntie Rachel's birthday at Keppel Club's Kippo
and had a wonderfully full lunch. After that, Yongren became
really cranky and tired and later fell asleep in his stroller

Learning to sit up - 18th August

Although Yongren was still down with cough and flu, he was
actively trying to sit on his own in his rocking chair! See that
cheeky grin in the 2nd photo.

Daddy and mummy brought him to see the doctor again as he
was still wheezing. We weighed him and to our astonishment,
his weight has increased to 8.7kg!

A visit to Auntie Chwee Hong's place - 14th August

Gong gong brought Yongren and mummy to visit
Auntie Chwee Hong's house. It was lovely! That
is their son, Jaden, peering closely at the camera.
Yongren received alot of new clothes that day! 

4th to 5th month photos

His first time in Jumpers - 9th August
We were all dressed up and ready to make our way 
to David and Chiao Chyi's wedding team meeting.
Yongren look so handsome in Jumpers! He's still a
baby, but he looked like a little boy already...
Exploring with his hands - 6th August
It was early in the morning after his first feed, mummy placed
Yongren next to daddy. He started to reach out his hands and 
feel daddy's face! It was such a heartwarming sight to observe
him taking his own sweet time exploring his father's face.
His fine motor skills are definitely improving!
Sleeping with Barnslig Giraff - 4th August
He hugged Giraff to sleep while taking his afternoon nap.
He looked so satisfied and comfortable snuggling close to
his blue companion! It was quite a rare sight as he tends
to "fight" with Giraff on the bed.
Duckie - 31st July
Yongren's new friend - Mr Duckie!
His popo bought this new toy for him to play..
or for his mummy and daddy to play with him!
It's a great hand puppet, and it gives out three 
adorable "quack quack quack" sounds when you
press the device inside!
Uncle Lye - 29th July
Little Yongren was being carried by Uncle Lye Sheng!
Just look at those "Michelin" legs! Mummy is sure that
he is going to grow up to be a high-jumper! 
Kimberly's Birthday - 27th July
It was Auntie Kimberly's birthday, and Yongren gets to join in the celebration too!
The Bumbo seat - 26th July
Ever heard of the Bumbo seat? Apparently it is an award winning infant chair, designed to fit a baby's posture! (More information on the chair can be found on
We visited Beatrice's home (the little girl beside him). Beatrice is Yongren's older cousin and Yongren was having a good time playing with her toys! It's really amusing to see the both of them chewing away.
Grasping - 18th July
He could grasp for objects when they are placed in his hands!
What an achievement! But then again, that spells trouble...
daddy and mummy have to watch out that he doesn't put
things in his mouth!
Four months old update:
We brought him to KK for his next dosage of immuisation on 17th July.
Vaccine Immunisation Against

DPT/DT - 2nd dose

Oral Sabin - 2nd dose

Diphtheria, Pertussis & Tetanus


Growth Assessment
Weight: 7.9 kg (90%)
Length: 67 cm (90%)
Head Circumference: 43 cm (75%)

3rd to 4th month photos

Visit to Auntie Madelene's house - 14th July
It was a rare opportunity that the three of us could spend time
together the whole day! Of course Yongren was happy that we
could keep him company too, not forgetting he turned 4 months old
today :). He hardly slept today and was very active, which resulted
in a few instances of "tu nai" (regurgitating milk). He dirtied himself
to the extend that mummy had to bathe him there. Smelly boy!
Lots of fun with gong gong! - 10th July
Gong gong was swinging him UP and DOWN, and UP and DOWN!
He enjoyed it so much that he actually laughed (Yes, we heard
him laugh, not just breaking into a broad smile)!
Getting better at the mini-push up - 10th July
After the morning bath, mummy let him play on his front for
a while. He's really getting good at doing the mini-push up;
look how high he pushed himself up!
Hitting a milestone: Rolling over from back to front - 7th July
We woke up to find Yongren in this position! He was
struggling to flip himself back but he could not. In the
end, he had to call for us to rescue him (he was making
alot of noise). It was quick thinking that daddy brought
the bed down by one level the previous night!
Smiling! - 4th July
What a lovely photo of him smiling so broadly!
He must be having a mighty good time with his grandparents
that night! The person carrying him is his "po po", and the one
taking the photo is his "gong gong".
Singlet in the morning - 4th July
After bathing him, mummy decided to let him try the blue singlet
for the first time. It looked abit too tight on him! But it was a hot
day, so mummy brought him over to his grandparents' house
that morning in this new "cool" outfit!
Dinner at Pine Crane - 3rd July
Photo 1: Uncle Aldric looking extremely happy carrying Yongren
Photo 2: Yongren about to cry on Uncle Fish's shoulder
Photo 3 & 4: The centre of attention for Uncle David and Auntie Wenjun
Caleb's first month - 2nd July
Today we attended two 1st month celebration: Caleb and E-Dean. No, they are not twins.
They are from two separate families. We only managed to to take photos of Yongren with Caleb.
Photo 1: looking in opposite directions.
Photo 2: Yongren eyeing Caleb's booties.
Interacting with his mobile - 1st July
Every morning (yes, EVERY morning without fail), he will look at the toy
mobile and talk to it (I think!). Sometimes I see his legs kicking the toys,
and sometimes he swings his hands around but he can't reach them yet!
I read that once the baby can reach for the toys, better remove them
or else his hands might get entangled to the strings. Today while I was
spying on him, I noticed him smiling to himself while looking at the toys.
So cute!
In a talkative mood - 27th June
Before taking a nap, Yongren kept talking and making all sorts of sounds!
I had to talk to him until he was fairly satisfied before going to sleep.
Hitting a Milestone: Mini Push Ups - 26th June
He lifted up his head and did a mini push up! It was indeed
exciting to see him accomplish something new. As I recall,
Yongren had so much difficulties lifting his head in this
position and often ended up crying and brawling. Ok, to set
the record straight, ben and I witnessed his first success of
the mini push up on 24th June. 3 months, 10 days old.

I wonder what he'll accomplish next!?

Visit from Auntie Mel - 19th June
Auntie Melanie came to visit and was surprised by
how big Yongren has grown! She first saw him when
he was still a few weeks old and he was tiny then.
In the above photo, both of us were trying to get
him to smile. Mel was stroking his chin while I was
waving the phone, but he still looked at us with
puzzled eyes and did not understand that he was
supposed to smile!
SuperYong-Jin! - 17th June
It was already night time and Yongren was still full
of energy! Mummy decided to carry Yongren in a
"flying" position and she was pleasantly surprised to
see his arms in a superman posture! Soon he was "flying"
from room to room and enjoying every moment of it!

Update on his growth as of 16 June (3 months old):
Weight: 7.5 kg

Large, Medium, Small - 14th June

He's 3 months old today! Daddy captured this really cool photo
of Amadeus, Benaiah and Yongren. The two brothers were watching
a cartoon when Yongren decided to join in!

2nd to 3rd month photos

June Camp at Malacca - 4th to 9th June

Although he looked rather sad and bored, he was very contented 
sitting at the corner of the sofa.
He looked so cute hugging the bolster!
Look at his chubby cheeks too!
Back in the hotel room, we tried a new pajamas and hat on him.
He was making a funny face too!  

Fatboy poster - 27th May

Location: Great World City
It was really funny to see such an advertisement painted onto a wall!
We chanced upon it while we were looking for a lift and couldn't resist
stopping to take a photo of Yongren!

At grandparents house - 22nd May

A lovely photo of Yongren and mummy! The one on the right shows him sleeping soundly...zzzzz

Back at home, he sits happily on his one and only favourite rocking chair.

Smart looking boy - 16th May

Mummy was trying to take some photos for his passport and ended up with some very smart looking photos indeed!  
Can't believe he's 2 months old already!

Update on his growth as of 15 May (2 months old):

Weight: 6.5 kg
Length: 63.5 cm
Head Circumference: 40 cm

From the charts and doctor's report, his weight and length is in the 97 percentile!
No wonder mummy is getting all the backaches!

1st to 2nd month photos

Beach road day in church - 13th May

The photo on the right is a classic shot of him caught right on time by Uncle Lam!

Daddy playing with him...

Stuffing his whole fist into his mouth is a way he tries to pacify himself!
Daddy was training him to kick something on the table.

New hat! - 9th May

It's a new hat! This was a gift from two big sisters, Christine and Ying Bing.

Grandmama carrying him - 5th May

In the arms of grandmama. He looks like he's "thinking"...

Yawning while burbing - 5th May

Looking at him yawn makes me want to yawn too... YAAAWWWWWNNNN!

Popo carrying him to sleep - 3rd May

Look at how comfortable he was in Popo's arms!
He loved being held in this position.

Benaiah's 1st birthday party - 1st May

See the tiny bundle? haha! That's little Yongren.
Anyway, the star of the day is Benaiah . Happy 1st Birthday, Benaiah!

Facial expressions (while shopping at Great World City) - 29th April

It's amazing how his facial expressions can change in just seconds apart!
My favourite one is the third photo.

Great-grandfather's Birthday Celebration - 22nd April
A Four-Generation family photo at his great-grandfather's 84th birthday celebration!
Bath time! - 22nd April
 We just had to take one of him bathing. He looked so serious.. heee.
A Trip to the Budget Airport - 21st April

We went to the Budget Terminal to pick up Auntie Sharon today.
It is our first trip to the new airport as a family!

Sleeping positions (Boy, can he turn!) - 19th April

Boy, can he turn while sleeping! See the white cloth? That's where his head was supposed to be!

14 July 2006- Yongren laughing at shaking bottle!

27 June 2006- Yongren learning how to talk!

26 June 2006- Yongren doing mini push-ups for the first time!

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