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Shape sorter - 13 Mar 2007
This was a toy given by Uncle Lye and Auntie Rachel last year! Yongren only likes to hold the red round item.

What a catch! - 9 Mar 2007

Yongren was watching the TV when mummy decided to take a photo of him. And what a great
moment when he responded to the camera with a cheeky face!


It was already night (about 7:15pm) when both of us went to the Night Safari to wait
for the GB girls. Yongren was looking bored and tired, but he soon realised that it was
a fun-filled night when the GB girls arrived and crowded around him! However, he kept
clinging onto mummy and started to cry when he was placed in the stroller. So poor
mummy had to carry him around the as we walk for a few hours! To mummy's relief,
he allowed 2 girls to carry him for a while.

T & D's house warming - 25 Feb 2007
At Uncle Terence and Auntie Daphne's new place, daddy placed yongren beside
sleeping Benaiah to compare their sizes. Yongren apparently did not understand
what daddy was trying to do and wanted to get up. When it was daddy's turn to
take a rest, the 3 boys (Yongren and his two friends - Amadeus and Benaiah) are up and wanting to
sit on daddy!

Chinese New Year visit by 4E7 - 24 Feb 2007
The students of 4E7 visited our family on a saturday afternoon. We all had mc donald's for lunch and the incredibles
for entertainment. It was a special and heartwarming day to see the students visiting and playing with Yongren!

Yongren went to the playground! - 17 Feb 2007

Wow! Such fun to try the swing and the slide! Yongren was squealing and laughing away to experience the thrill of
the swing and the slide. Mummy has this strong feeling that Yongren is going to ask to go to the playground everytime
we visit popo and gonggong's house next time!

Daddy's birthday!
After playing at the playground, we went back to popo and gonggong's house. It was daddy's birthday
celebration! Daddy brought him close to the birthday cake and blew the candle out.

Yongren turns 11 months! - 14 Feb 2007
Comfy comfy on Gong gong - 5 Feb 2007
Our son is growing up!! - Jan to Feb 2007
 Yongren looked so grown up in these photos (taken by Gonggong)!
Standing - 21 Jan 2007
Wow! Yongren can stand quite steadily these few
days! Daddy saw him taking his first step this week
Sending Benji off at the airport - 1 Jan 2007
It was early in the morning at 5 am when we set off to
Changi Airport to see our friend Benji off. Yongren was
sound asleep when we carried him out of the house.
But he soon woke up happily to see many uncles and aunties
surrounding him!
A Gift from New York - 16 Dec 2006
Yongren received a gift from Uncle Alan and Auntie Cecilia!
It's a jersey that can last him till 3 years old ! At the meantime,
Yongren has just turned 9 months old (Happy 9 months old to you,
happy 9 months old to you...).
Mummy and daddy are still waiting for a tooth to emerge. So we
are dedicating the song to him this Christmas:
All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth, my two front teeth,
my two front teeth!  Haha!
Surrounded by Winnie the Poohs! - 5 Dec 2006
Uncle Simon and Auntie Esther gave Yongren a whole collection of Winnie the Pooh Bears from Mc Donalds! So today, mummy introduced these little friends to him and surrounded him with them . Initially he had this confused look on his face , but soon he grabbed on to Tiger and Ranger Winnie and started banging them together. Mummy had to watch out that he does not put Winnie's nose into his mouth! It could come out and be a choking hazard (Yes, mummy has been doing alot of reading).
Looking smart at a wedding dinner - 26 Nov 2006
Doesn't he look cool in the jacket? He certainly looked like a big boy already, but he's only 8 months old. More photos with daddy, mummy, and other uncles and aunties!
(Daddy & Mummy)
(Uncle Chong Howe, Uncle Daniel, Auntie Joann (with little one), Auntie Angelyn & Uncle Pui Shung)
He pulled himself up to stand! - 22 Nov 2006
Another milestone achieved by Yongren! He successfully pulled himself up to a
standing position when he was sitting in the cot. Wow! Mummy thinks it won't
be long before he starts crawling or cruising!
His weight as of 21 Nov 06 : 9.9 kg
Happy in bed - 20 Nov 2006
Surrounded by his favourite pillows and some toys, Yongren certainly look very
contented and happy in bed! With the camera aimed at him, he gave mummy the
widest and most toothless smile! Of course this didn't last very long. After barely
10 min, he was already *asking to come out.
(*Asking = shouting + crying + complaining + whining + arms stretched out)
Can't crawl yet... but very active!
Such a happy smile! Yongren is certainly getting stronger and more certain on the floor each day! He can't crawl yet, but his hands can push him very high. His legs are also trying to push off, but I think the floor is a little to smooth for him. After a while, he just moves backwards and then starts complaining because he realised he was not moving towards his target!
Celebrating popo's birthday! - 11 Nov 2006
With the Soh family dressed in red, we went to celebrate popo's birthday at a chinese restaurant in the American Club. They have a very high standard to keep, especially at the restaurant. No handphones can be used, and we were just informed that no children below 12 years are allowed in the restaurant after 8pm. Fortunately we had a private room so they allowed us to continue with the dinner. However, that kept popo and gong gong very busy entertaining Yongren so that he doesn't cry or make loud noises! haha!
Towards the end of the dinner, Yongren was about to enter dreamland  and was rocked to sleep by daddy. Whew! Blissful quietness at last!
Yummy spoon? - 30 Oct 2006
Mummy decided to let Yongren play with his spoon and some goodies before dinner. He seems to
enjoy chewing his spoon! He sure looks greedy holding the spoon in one hand, and a packet of green
peas in the other :) Doesn't he just look so grown up and adorable in that "kababom" hair? Hee...
He's still a little boy...

Morning tummy-time - 26 Oct 2006

Happy Playing and Chewing - 19 Oct 2006

If you examine closely, you can observe his shiny glossy saliva smeared all over his chin. Yup, Yongren was happily gnawing at his toy and books and whatever he could get his hands on! In the first photo, he stopped whatever he was doing and started staring at mummy who was trying to take a photo of him. And in the second photo, he gave mummy a cheerful smile! Yippee!

7 months+ update - 19 Oct 2006
(He actually turned 7 months on 14 Oct)
Popo and mummy brought him to see a doctor* for a review as his medicine was running out
and he still had slight cough and flu. Thank God for healing him thus far as he has improved
tremendously since the previous week!

His weight: 9.3 kg

*(We visited Dr Catherine Chia of Sunshine Family Clinic located at
Blk 491 Jurong West Ave 1 (St.41) #01-153. 
Her medicine works well with our baby and he takes them well as
they taste nice... mummy thinks. Recommended.)

Church Anniversary with Claire - 24 Sept 2006

Yongren is in a new outfit given by Auntie Irene, Claire's mother. Don't they look adorable?

Uncle Jawn & Auntie Crystal - 23 Sept 2006

We attended Mui Khim's Wedding and saw
Uncle Jawn and Auntie Crystal! They just
came back to Singapore to hold their wedding
dinner celebration, although they were married
last year in LA. Benaiah's in the picture too!

Yongren Cried! - 17 Sept 2006

Yongren was happily playing with the toy on his high chair when Auntie Sharon stooped towards him hoping to get a nice cheerful picture. Yongren looked up from the corner of his eyes and then the next moment he started to cry! Haha! Anyway, he managed to calm down and was oblivious when Auntie Sharon pinched his cheeks.

New chair! - 15th Sept 

Yongren has a new chair at grandmama and grandpapa's house!

He fits perfectly in the chair and that keeps us hands-free for quite a while! Grandmama actually poured boiling hot water over the chair several times and put it in the sun to dry the previous days. That should kill off any insects or germs living in the chair.
Night time:
The weather was really cold at night. Mummy brought a new long sleeved shirt for him to wear to sleep. He has a little hat too! He looked so huggable that we all took turns to carry him.
Uncle Benson, Daddy and Mummy!

14 September 2006
Yongren has turned 6 months old!

19 October 2006 - Yongren loves to eat porridge!

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